Smart Tags

The Eyefi Cloud Smart Tag feature automatically categorizes your photos without you having to lift a finger. When you upload photos to Eyefi Cloud, Smart Tag technology works by scanning your photos for their content and using an algorithm to automatically apply tags to your photos. Once Eyefi Cloud applies Smart Tags, you can view, search and share your photos already grouped by their content.

Additionally, the Smart Tags feature uses primarary and secondary tags. Certain phrases like "Animals," "Events," or "Food and Drink" are all primary tags. Secondary tags are associated with primary tags, like types of animals (dogs, cats, or horses, to name a few), types of events (sports, nightlife, or vacations), and types of food and drink (barbeque, cakes, or wine). Each primary tag category has numerous secondary tags to better organize your photos.

Turn Smart Tags On or Off

Smart Tags are turned off by default for new Eyefi Cloud memberships. You can enable and disable Smart Tags with the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Eyefi Web app
  2. Click your account icon
  3. Click Account
  4. Click Change your Smart Tag preferences
  5. Click Enable Smart Tags

Note: When you enable Smart Tags for the first time, it may take some time for Eyefi Cloud to process your photo library. However, any photos you upload to Eyefi Cloud after turning on Smart Tags will be processed right away.

Smart Tags Examples

The following are primary tags with the kind of secondary tags that Smart Tags will apply.

  • Animals: Pets, sea life, reptiles, and other wildlife
  • Events: Vacations, sports, night life, and waterplay
  • Food and Drink: Baked goods, barbeque, produce, and beverages, and other foods
  • Indoors: Rooms, kitchens, and other indoor locations
  • Information: Signs, receipts, x-rays, and similar images
  • Machines: Cars, aircraft, and other transportation, plus musical instruments, technology, and other items
  • Nature: Clouds, plant life, mountains, sunsets, water, and other environments
  • Outdoors: Other outdoor locations
  • People: Portraits, groups, and other photos of people
  • Structures: Houses, bridges, buildings, and other man-made structures
  • Miscellaneous Items: There are also primary tags that don't have secondary tags, such as jewelry, dishes, furniture, or other items that don't fit the descriptions above
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