General Features

What is Eyefi Cloud?

With Eyefi Cloud you can access your photos any time anywhere. Eyefi Cloud’s powerful syncing technology automatically syncs your photos across all of your devices as soon as you take them. You can also share your Eyefi Cloud photos by email and sharing links, and the people you share those photos with will even receive automatic updates whenever you add photos to albums you've shared.

How does Eyefi Cloud work?

Eyefi Cloud syncs photos from your phone or tablet with the Eyefi Cloud service. The process works like this:

  1. First, transfer photos from an Eyefi Mobi card or your phone's camera to the Eyefi Mobi app or Eyefi Mobi Desktop app
  2. Your phone, tablet, or computer uploads new photos to Eyefi Cloud
  3. When you log in to your Eyefi account on another phone or tablet or your computer, Eyefi apps sync with Eyefi Cloud to display all of your photos

Syncing happens automatically whenever there are new photos in your Eyefi account, making it easy for you to organize and share photos from any location.

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