How are JPG and RAW files supported?

How does the migration handle JPG and RAW files?

Once you contact us for a migration, we'll take note of how many photos (JPG and RAW) you have in your current account and how many are in your Eyefi Cloud account. When the migration is complete, we'll notify you if there's any discrepancy between those numbers.

How do Eyefi Mobi apps display JPG and RAW files?

Although allows you to store duplicate photos, duplicates are suppressed during the migration to Eyefi Cloud. Furthermore, any photos that are incomplete transfers will not be migrated.

Once the migration is complete, you can see RAW and JPG files in Eyefi Mobi and Web apps. However, depending on your platform, your device may not be able to display RAW files.

Once your RAW photos are in Eyefi Cloud, we create high-quality JPG copies of your RAW photos. In Eyefi Mobi for mobile devices, the displayed image will always be a high-quality JPG copy, even if you transfer both RAW and JPG to your phone or tablet. In the Eyefi Web App these JPG copies appear next to your RAW photos with a RAW waermark placed in the corner of the image.

You can check to see which photos are RAW in the mobile app by checking the file's EXIF data:

On iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone:

  1. Tap the photo you want to check
  2. Tap the Info icon
  3. Press the tab and slide up to view more file info

On Android:

  1. Tap the photo you want to check
  2. Tap the Menu button
  3. Tap Details

Please be aware of the following limitations for RAW photos in Eyefi Cloud:

  • Users cannot crop, rotate, or otherwise edit RAW photos
  • If you share RAW photos with Eyefi apps and Eyefi Cloud, your share recipients will only be able to download JPG versions of those photos
  • IFTTT currently only delivers JPG files from Eyefi Cloud

Where Are My Photos Stored?

The Eyefi Mobi app for smartphones and tablets stores your photos in a special Eyefi folder in its app data. This storage behaves differently depending on whether you're logged in to an Eyefi Cloud membership or if you're using the Eyefi Mobi app in Mobi-Only Mode (that is, only with an Eyefi Mobi or Mobi Pro card). Here are some basics on the ways Eyefi uses storage space on mobile devices:

Eyefi Cloud

  • Photos are stored temporarily on your phone until the app uploads them to Eyefi Cloud
  • On iPhone and iPad, the Eyefi Mobi app will store an amount limited by the cache you set in the app's Storage settings (default is 4GB); the Eyefi Mobi app will sync with Eyefi Cloud to display other photos as needed (as long as your phone or tablet can connect to a wireless or cellular network)
  • On Android, you can set the amount of storage the Eyefi Mobi app uses (via the Storage section in settings) as long as you are logged in to your Eyefi Cloud membership
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