Smart Views

What are Smart Views?

Smart Views is the newest feature of Eyefi Cloud that makes it easy to find exactly the pictures you want instantly. Smart Views let you create a custom "view" of your photo collection. From the drop down menu on, select Smart Views then name and create a new smart view. Add your search criteria and filters and you're set! Create views based on tag criteria, location, date, and photos marked as favorites. Every time a new picture meets those criteria it will be included in the smart view.

Why use Smart Views?

Smart Views are great when you want to find photos with multiple attributes — they give you more options for organization than simply using albums, tags, or dates. Smart Views automatically update when you add new photos that meet your search terms, so they're always up-to-date.

For example:

  • Create a smart view based on your hobbies. If you like to travel and photograph flowers, you could tag photos of pink and blue flowers. You could then search for your "pink," "blue," and "flower" tags, and filter photos by a location like "Santa Cruz." You'll only see the flower photos you've filtered for that smart view.
  • Create tags for three of your family members and apply those tags to photos of each person, add those tags to a smart view, and limit the dates shown to create a specific smart view for a holiday featuring your family
  • Combine search criteria of your favorited photos and specific a location (such as a national park) to use geo tag data for a smart view about your favorite outdoor spots

Search Terms

When you create a smart view, you must set up at least one search term from the following criteria:

  • Album names
  • Photos dates
  • Tags
  • Date Ranges
  • Favorites
  • Locations
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