What About My Sharing Sites?

Eyefi originally provided Online Sharing services because uploading files to various sharing sites was cumbersome and time consuming. Over the years, most major Online Sharing Sites have developed robust uploading mechanisms of their own. What was optimum in 2008 may not be optimum in 2015. Most of the major services now make it easy to back-up and upload to their services automatically. As such, Eyefi has made the decision to make use of the new methods these service providers have developed. Some of these sites use IFTTT to move photos from Eyefi Cloud to the selected site.

We have documented the major Online Sharing Sites and how you can integrate with them using your Eyefi products. Some require the use of Eyefi Cloud, others do not.

For instructions on uploading to various Online Sharing Sites, please see the Online Sharing section.

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