Send Photos and Videos to Your Computer and Eyefi Cloud

What do I need to send photos to my computer and to Eyefi Cloud in a way similar to X2 and Eyefi Premium?

  • A Mobi Pro card
  • Eyefi Mobi Desktop for Windows or Mac

How do I set up an Eyefi Mobi card to send photos to my computer via the internet or my home network?

  1. Download and set up Eyefi Mobi Desktop for your computer:
  2. Create an Eyefi Cloud account:
    You will need to sign up for an Eyefi Cloud account in order to have your photos sync with Eyefi Cloud. You may sign up for Eyefi Cloud via Eyefi Mobi Desktop or via the Eyefi Web app.

Now every time your Mobi Pro card transfers a photo to your computer, Eyefi Mobi Desktop will automatically sync the photo to Eyefi Cloud.

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