What are Eyefi Cloud and New Mobi Apps?

Our award winning photo apps and cloud service automatically organize your photos and let you create beautifully rich photo collections that combine images from all your devices, all without ever having to wait until you get home. Just click the shutter — any shutter — and all your photos are all together, brilliantly displayed and instantly accessible on any device.

Eyefi Cloud works seamlessly, automatically transferring, organizing, and syncing your photos to all your devices regardless of which camera was used to take them. Eyefi Cloud automatically classifies all your photos by subject area such as food, indoor, outdoor, and dozens of other attributes. Beautifully displayed and always accessible, your original resolution photos from all your cameras are at your fingertips ready to enjoy and share. We cover all the details so you can focus on taking great photos everywhere.

With Eyefi Cloud, all your pictures are beautifully displayed in a timeline no matter which device you used to take them. You can even add your photo collection with our easy-to-use uploading tool. Browse through a timeline of memories with ease on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. All your pictures are synced to all your devices and always accessible to share and enjoy.

Eyefi Mobi apps work with you from the moment you capture a picture, automatically organizing your photos as you take them. View photos in a timeline or further organize photos into events and albums. With easy to use editing tools you can crop and rotate photos to create the perfect picture to share with friends. Want more detail about your best photos? View aperture, speed and other camera settings with EXIF visualization tools.

Eyefi Cloud and Mobi apps offer the following features:


  • Instant Wireless Transfer: Don’t wait to see your latest shots. Works with your Wi-Fi camera or camera equipped with an Eyefi wireless SD card to transfer high quality images instantly to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac.
  • Unified Camera Roll: Combines photos from DSLRs, Wi-Fi cameras, phones, and even desktops into a single unified camera roll.
  • Fast Sync: Syncing technology makes thousands of photos available on PC, Mac, and mobile devices in seconds.
  • Network Friendly: Minimize data plan usage by optimizing file sizes and limiting transfers if no Wi-Fi network is in range.
  • Universal Access: Lets you browse photos, edit, and create albums, even if your device is not connected to a network.


  • Smart Tags: Automatically classifies every image in your collection into easy to find categories.
  • Smart Views: Automatically updates collections based on search criteria and tags you define.
  • Discovery Panel: Shows how camera settings impact images with charts and filters displaying camera, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, dates, and times you shoot.
  • On-the-Go Editing: Edit photos on one device, see changes on all devices instantly.
  • Private sharing: Share beautiful albums with images that appear in their original aspect ratio and resolution — just the way you shot them. Auto notification to your share recipients when new photos are added to your albums.


  • Secured Originals: Always have access to your original image on your camera’s SD card, Eyefi Cloud, and your home computer for peace of mind.
  • Unlimited Photo Storage: Enjoy and share all your images — including JPG and RAW format. Use Eyefi desktop apps to upload your complete collection.
  • Safe at Home: Every image and video in Eyefi Cloud can be automatically archived to a home computer or network drive so you never lose control over your images.
  • IFTTT Ready: Use recipes to trigger actions for your workflow — add photos to your collection, send emails, post to social networks, text a friend, or thousands of other uses.
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