Mobi Pro Infrastructure Support

The Infrastructure Support feature allows you to configure a Mobi Pro card to transfer wirelessly over a home or studio Wi-Fi network instead of generating its own wireless network for transfers. With a configured network, your Mobi Pro card can transfer directly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer without disrupting those devices' wireless connections.

Please be aware of the following limitations for Infrastructure Support:

  • A Mobi Pro card can store settings for up to 32 networks
  • Infrastructure Support only works for configured networks that are in-range; when no configured networks are in-range, your Mobi Pro card will use its default method of directly connecting to your devices
  • While you can configure any number of Mobi Pro cards to transfer over a home or studio Wi-Fi network, Eyefi Mobi apps can only connect to one card at a time for wireless transfers

Note: Depending on your mobile device, if you have enabled Infrastructure Support your Mobi Pro card will no longer appear to your phone or tablet as an available wireless network. To wirelessly transfer photos to your mobile devices again, you will need to disable Infrastructure Support in the Eyefi Mobi Desktop app's Advanced Settings (on Windows) or Preferences (on Mac).

To enable or disable Infrastructure Support, please see the following articles:

Can Mobi Pro use Infrastructure Support to transfer to devices that are not on the same wireless network?

No. In order for Infrastructure Support to transfer photos to a device, it must be configured to use the same network as your Mobi Pro card.

However, if you're an Eyefi Cloud member, you can transfer photos from a Mobi Pro card to your mobile device or computer and then upload those photos to Eyefi Cloud. After that, you can use Eyefi apps to sync any device on any network with Eyefi Cloud to view your photos.

For more details, please see How to Save Photos to Your Computer from Your Phone, Tablet, or Eyefi Cloud

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