How Does Eyefi Cloud Manage Videos?

Eyefi Cloud supports the transfer of video files from your mobile devices to Eyefi Cloud and from there to your computer.

Please note that the automatic upload and download settings in Eyefi Mobi Desktop must be manually toggled. If you choose to save your photos and videos to your computer during the migration process, anything you upload to Eyefi Cloud will sync to your computer until you turn off automatic uploads and downloads.

If you wish to transfer your photos and videos to your computer, please install and configure Eyefi Mobi Desktop prior to your migration:

Will Migration Take Longer if I Have Many Videos?

Yes; video files are generally larger than photos (actual size varies depending on video quality). As such, migration will take longer to complete if you have a lot of videos in Eyefi Premium.

The number of videos you have will also increase the amount of time it takes if you wish to save the contents of your account to your computer with Eyefi Mobi Desktop. If extra time is an important factor, you may wish to wait to wait until we have implemented video support before you submit a migration request.

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