Why Should I Migrate?

We've been working really hard to improve your overall experience. It's more than just transferring your photos from your card to a single destination — we have awesome mobile apps, an award winning web app, and desktop apps that all work cohesively with Eyefi Cloud. Sure, you can still transfer to a single device without all these added features, but why would you want to when you have so much available to you?

Eyefi Mobi apps work with you from the moment you capture a picture, automatically organizing photos as you take them. View your photos in a timeline and further organize photos into events and albums or add tags. With easy-to-use editing tools you can crop and rotate your JPG photos on the spot to create the perfect picture to share with friends. Want more details about your best photos? View aperture, speed, and other camera settings with EXIF visualization tools.

With Eyefi Cloud, all your pictures are beautifully displayed in a timeline, no matter which device you used to take them. You can even add your entire photo collection with our easy-to-use uploading tool. Browse through a timeline of memories with ease on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. All of your pictures are synced to all your devices and always accessible to share and enjoy.

We have a tool that our migration team will use to migrate your data from your Eyefi Premium cloud account over to the new and improved Eyefi Cloud. You can instantly take advantage of all that our apps have to offer by using the photos you have already taken. Learn more about the migration here.

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