Set Up Eyefi Mobi Desktop for Mac

To set up an Eyefi Mobi card and app for Mac:

  1. Download the Eyefi Desktop app
  2. Open Eyefi Mobi.pkg
  3. Follow the on-screen installation steps
  4. Open the Eyefi Mobi Desktop app
  5. Click Activate Mobi Card
  6. Enter your Eyefi Mobi card's 10-digit activation code and click Next
  7. Take a few JPG photos with your Eyefi Mobi card; once your photos transfer to your Mac, click Next
    Note: You will be able to set up RAW Transfer after you complete this setup process
  8. You can now sign up for Eyefi Cloud or configure the folder your Eyefi Mobi card uses to store photos
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