What is the Eyefi Web App?

The Eyefi Web app is a browser-based app in which you can view your Eyefi Cloud photos. Whenever you use Eyefi Mobi or Eyefi Mobi Desktop apps to sync your smartphone, tablet, or computer with Eyefi Cloud, your content becomes available in the Eyefi Web app. You'll be able to view, organize, and share your photos and videos anywhere on any computer or mobile device that has a web broswer and an internet connection — you just need to go to app.eyefi.com and log in to your Eyefi Cloud membership.

In addition to viewing, organizing, and sharing photos, you'll be able to use the following advanced Eyefi Cloud features:

  • Discovery Panel: Shows how camera settings impact images with charts and filters displaying camera, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, dates, and times you shoot.
  • Organization and Sharing: Share beautiful albums with images that appear in their original aspect ratio and resolution — just the way you shot them. Organize your photos by date, album names, tags, and cameras. Privately share your albums and automatically notify your share recipients when new photos are added to the albums you've shared.
  • Smart Tags: Automatically classifies every image in your collection into easy to find categories.
  • Smart Views: Automatically updates collections based on search criteria and tags you define.

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