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When did Eyefi stop selling the X2 products?

Eye-Fi began phasing out sales of the X2 product line in 2012.  The last version produced by the company were sold through authorized channels in the United States in March, 2015.  Although Eye-Fi stopped shipments of these products via authorized channels, some units were still available from third party sellers and after-market resellers.  Eye-Fi’s warranty period for the affected products purchased through our authorized channels has expired.

Will I still be able to create an Eye-Fi Center account after September 16th?

No, you will not be able to create an Eye-Fi Center account or log in to an existing Eye-Fi Center account.

Can I still download and install Eye-Fi Center or your mobile applications after September 16th?

The Eye-Fi Center applications can be installed, but since account creation and logging in will no longer work, these applications will not be functional.

Will I be able to use my Eye-Fi 1.0 card after September 16, 2016?

Certain X2 functions, such as Direct Mode, may not be directly impacted by our end of life process. If you wish to try Direct Mode you will need to set it up  prior to the end of life date. You can find instructions on how to set up direct mode here: for Android, for iOS. Please note that while Direct Mode may not be directly affected, Eye-Fi applications will no longer be updated for operating system updates, and their functionality is not guaranteed - additionally, no support will be provided either for the setup or functionality of Direct Mode. Note: THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT DIRECT MODE CONFIGURATIONS WILL CONTINUE FUNCTIONING AFTER THE SEPTEMBER 16TH 2016 SHUT DOWN.

What upgrade options are available to me?  

Upgrade discounts for Mobi cards has expired.  You can find Eyefi Mobi cards on Amazon and some local retailers.  You can also purchase Toshiba Flash Air cards and use the new Mobi apps which will support the card.

For Eye-Fi Premium customers (those who have paid for an Eyefi Premium account which has not expired) who have not yet responded to our offer to migrate your content to Eyefi Cloud: please review the documentation here. (Please note that migrating will not preserve the functionality of your X2 card).

Will I still be able to use my Eyefi card in Selective Transfer mode?

Yes, if you enable Selective Transfer prior to September 16th, it will still function afterwards. You will not be able to revert this setting after September 16th, however.

Will I still be able to transfer over my own wireless network?

While local (not through our server) transfers over a wireless network will technically still be possible, we advise users to instead switch to a direct mode setup to their mobile device, as this setup will have a better chance of working more stably for a longer period of time. Relayed Transfer will no longer work after September 16th.

Will my account notifications still work?

No, account notifications will no longer work.

Will my photos still be geotagged?

No, geotagging will no longer work after September 16th.

Will I still be able to transfer over FTP to a server?

No, FTP transfers will no longer work after September 16th.

Where can I find Eyefi's Warranty policy?

Eyefi Warranty

Where can I find Eyefi's Terms of Service?

Terms of Service

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