Install Eyefi Center

To install the Eyefi Center software on your PC or Mac:

  1. Insert your Eyefi Card in the supplied USB Card Reader.
  2. Insert the USB Card Reader into your computer.

Note: Please follow the on-screen instructions as Eyefi Center installs on your PC or Mac. If the auto-install fails to launch, please follow the steps below:

For PC:

  1. Navigate to My Computer. An Eyefi icon will appear representing the card, typically as drive E: or F:.
  2. Open the Eyefi drive and navigate to the START HERE folder*, and then to theWindows folder.
  3. Double-click on Setup.exe to install.

Note: At the end of the installation, the Eyefi Center software will launch automatically.

For a Mac:

  1. A new removable disk will appear on your Desktop named Eyefi.
  2. Double-click and open the Eyefi disk and navigate to START HERE folder*.
  3. Locate the Eyefi.dmg file in the Mac OS X folder.
  4. Double-click the Eyefi.dmg file.
  5. Double-click the Eyefi.mpkg file that appears in the Eyefi Installer window that opens.
  6. Click the Continue button and follow the on-screen instructions when the Eyefi Installer application starts.
  7. Go to the Applications folder and open the Eyefi folder.
  8. Double-click the Eyefi Center icon to launch Eyefi Center.

* If you do not have a START HERE folder on your card, download the latest version of the Eyefi software.

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