iOS - Setup direct mode from a clean install environment

After September 16th, 2016, the majority of Eyefi 1.0 functions will no longer work. Direct Mode (where the Eyefi card broadcasts its own ad hoc network for other devices to connect to) is not directly affected by this service shut down, and could serve as a temporary stop gap should you need some functionality to continue. This setup will only be possible prior to the September 16th date, so it is important to follow these instructions prior to that date in order to set your X2 card up for Direct Mode transfers.


Eyefi Direct Mode provides you with the freedom to send photos and videos directly to your iPhone or iPad. When you enable Eyefi Direct Mode, your Eyefi card will broadcast a pre-defined wireless network that your Apple device can use to receive photos and video from the card. In order to use Eyefi Direct Mode, you will need to have the following:

This article will guide users who do not have any of the Eyefi applications installed set up Direct Mode for their device. If you already have our Eyefi applications installed, see our Working Environment Setup for iOS article

Setting up Direct Mode from a clean install environment

Setting up Eyefi Direct Mode involves updating Eyefi Center, updating your Eyefi card firmware, deploying your Eyefi card's Direct Mode WiFi network, and pairing your Eyefi card to your Apple device. After you complete these steps, your Eyefi card will broadcast its Direct Mode network to your iPhone or iPad whenever it has media to transfer to the Eyefi app.

Part I: Set up your Eyefi card for Direct Mode

  1. Install Eyefi Center
  2. Update your Eyefi Card Firmware, if necessary.
  3. Connect your Eyefi card to your computer using the Eyefi card reader.
  4. Launch Eyefi Center.
  5. Select your Eyefi card from the Device list and click the Settings icon.
  6. Go to the Networks tab and then select Direct Mode.
  7. Check the When no known Wi-Fi networks are in range, start the Direct Mode network check box.
  8. Choose different settings for the Wait sliders, if desired.
  9. Click the Save button.

Part II: Set up the Eyefi App for iPhone or iPad

  1. Install the Eyefi app on your iPhone or iPad, access the App Store and search for "Eyefi"
  2. Open the Eyefi app.
  3. Tap Sign In at the bottom or the screen.
  4. Sign in to your Eyefi account using the same credentials you use to sign in to Eyefi Center.
  5. On the Eyefi Card Setup screen, tap the Yes button to receive photos from your Eyefi card.
  6. Tap the Add Network button.
  7. Tap the Install button.
  8. Tap the Install Now button to add your Eyefi card's network profile to your iPhone or iPad.

    Note: You may be asked to enter your iPhone or iPad's security passcode depending on your iOS settings.
  9. Tap the Done button.
  10. The Eyefi app will then move between some screens on your iPhone or iPad before returning you to the Eyefi app.
  11. Tap the Copy Password button and then the Next button.
  12. Tap the Done button.

Your Eyefi card and iOS device are now paired.

Part III: Transfer photos to your iPhone or iPad via Direct Mode

Your Eyefi card will create a Direct Mode network when it has photos ready to transfer and there are no other configured networks for it to join. All you need to do is connect your iPhone or iPad to the Eyefi Card Direct Mode Network (described below) to start receiving photos on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: If you are within range of a wireless network that your Eyefi card already uses, it will use that network instead of deploying its Direct Mode network.

  1. Insert your Eyefi card into your camera and shoot several pictures.
  2. Go to your iPhone or iPad's Settings and tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap the Eyefi Card network (it should appear in 10-30 seconds).
  4. Start the Eyefi app on your iPhone or iPad.
  5. New photos will appear on the Home screen in your Eyefi app as it receives them.

Please note that if other configured Wi-Fi networks are available, your iPhone or iPad will probably connect to these even if your Eyefi card deploys Direct Mode. If this happens, you will need to manually connect to the Eyefi Direct Mode network before your iPhone or iPad can transfer photos.


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