Differences between EF 1.0 (X1, X2), Mobi, and Mobi Pro

EF 1.0 Products and Applications

Our EF 1.0 products and applications include everything on the End-of-Life Products Affected list:

  • All original X1 products (Original, Home, Share, Video, Pro)
  • 4GB Geo X2
  • 4GB Visioneer X2
  • 4GB Connect X2
  • 8GB Explore X2
  • 8GB Mobile X2
  • 8GB Pro X2
  • 16GB Pro X2
  • Eye-Fi Windows desktop software (center)
  • Eye-Fi Mac desktop software
  • Eye-Fi for iOS
  • Eye-Fi for Android
  • Web app (center.eye.fi - Eyefi View)
  • Sandisk Eyefi cards

These products and applications required an Eyefi account to use, and synced to our Eyefi View/Eyefi Premium cloud services.

EF 1.0 products were generally all capable of Direct Mode, Infrastructure Transers (transferring over an infrastructure wireless network), Upload Notifications, RAW transfer (for Pro X2 cards) Selective Transfer, Endless Memory, Uploading to Online Sharing Sites, and Relayed Transfers through our server to a non-local destination.

Mobi Products and Applications

Our Mobi products include:

  • 4GB Mobi
  • 8GB Mobi
  • 16GB Mobi Pro
  • 32GB Mobi Pro
  • Eyefi Mobi Desktop Transfer for Windows
  • Eyefi Mobi Desktop Transfer for Mac
  • Eyefi Mobi for iOS
  • Eyefi Mobi for Android
  • app.eyefi.com

Our Mobi products and applications were made to be more intuitive and simpler to set up and use. As such they do not require Eyefi accounts, and can be linked to a mobile device or computer simply by using an activation code, with no internet access required. 

Our Mobi applications were built on newer architectures that function more stably than their EF 1.0 predecessors. Additionally, the Eyefi Cloud is a much more robust online offering than Eyefi View/Premium.

Main Differences between X2/Mobi/Mobi Pro

Our standard Mobi cards transfer only over Direct Mode (by broadcasting an ad hoc network for a mobile device or computer to connect to for transferring). They can also connect to our Eyefi Cloud environment for syncing over multiple devices/computers.

Our Mobi Pro cards have the same capabilities as our Mobi cards, but also include Infrastructure Transfers (transferring over an infrastructure wireless network), Selective Transfer, and RAW transfers.

Mobi cards do not allow for Endless Memory, Uploading directly to OLS, Upload Notifications, or Relayed Transfers. Generally these features were removed either because they were not widely used, or because they conflicted with the goal of simplicity inherent to our Mobi line.

Purchasing a Mobi card

Eye-Fi 1.0 customers wishing to upgrade the Mobi Pro 16GB product, click here to get up to 3 units at a 20% discount from our direct online store. This offer expires September 15th, 2016.

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