UPDATE: Information Regarding "End of Life" (EOL) of X2 and Prior Generation Products

We have completed work on a new desktop software utility designed to enable impacted cards to continue operating beyond the previously announced EOL date of September 15, 2016.  The new software is called the "Eye-Fi X2 Utility" (X2U) and is provided free of charge as a download.
The X2U will enable cards impacted by the EOL to transfer images to a desktop computer via an Infrastructure or Direct network connection.
X2U is a one-time release provided to enable continued use of an EOL impacted card for desktop transfer only on a transitional basis.  The utility will not have the full capabilities of Eye-Fi Center and/or Eye-Fi View.  ALL other Eye-Fi provided software will have to be uninstalled prior to installing the X2U on a supported device.  Eyefi has provided X2U documentation and knowledge base articles but has no help desk support, no warranty and restrictive terms of service.
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