Manage your Eye-Fi X2 cards on Mac

Managing your Eye-Fi X2 cards using the Eye-Fi X2 Utility for Mac is easy:

Access the options menu

  1. Click the Eye-Fi X2 Utility icon in the Apple menu bar
  2. Click Preferences

General Preference Options

Using the General selection you can set a variety of options:

  • The destination for your Photos, Videos, and with an X2 Pro card the destination for your RAW photos.
  • Select to organize your folders by date
  • Show thumbnail previews during transfers
  • Start the application automatically when logging in


X2 Card Options

Using the X2 Cards selection you can set card preferences:

  • Transfer RAW photos if you choose
  • Enable Selective Transfer (Only photos write protected utilizing your camera will be transferred)
  • Setup or Remove an Infrastructure Network
  • Select the disconnect timeout
  • Get an X2 Card Log

Your Eye-Fi X2 card must be plugged into a card reader and inserted into the USB slot to set these options. The option to Transfer RAW photos will only appear if you have an Eye-Fi X2 Pro card.

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