Manage your Eye-Fi X2 cards on Windows

Managing your Eye-Fi X2 cards using the Eye-Fi X2 Utility for Windows is easy:

Access the options menu

  1. Click the Eye-Fi X2 Utility icon in the system tray in the lower right corner of your screen
  2. Click Options

General Options

Using the Eye-Fi X2 Card Options you can set a variety of options:

  • The destination for your Photos, Videos, and with an X2 Pro card the destination for your RAW photos.
  • Select to organize your folders by dated sub folders
  • Setup for your home network
  • Setup for Selective transfer
  • Generating card logs for troubleshooting
  • Set your Connection timeout
  • Ability to Auto Connect for transfers


Your Eye-Fi X2 card must be plugged into a card reader and inserted into the USB slot to set these options. The option to Transfer RAW photos will only appear if you have an Eye-Fi X2 Pro card.

Please note that if you turn on Selective Transfer, you will need to use your camera's 'Write Protect' feature to select the photos that transfer.

At the main menu you also have the ability to see your recently transferred photos and videos, you can add additional Eye-Fi X2 cards (note, Mobi cards are not supported with the X2U Utility)


You can also set the connection timeout using the X2 Utility.  Note that this changes the firmware on the card so you will need to place your card into the Eye-Fi Card reader to make this change.

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